Monday, December 29, 2014

Year in Review for 2014

January:  The extreme cold allowed us to get all the inside work done.
February: Started on tree work right of #3 and in the ditch on #5.

February:  Winter tree removal

March:  Michels moved in to directional bore new gas line.
Exposed gas line #12
May:  Finished up restoration from fall.

June:  16"of rain and straight line winds.  Course closed June 30th and reopened July 4th.

August:  Staff party.  The staff did an outstanding job this season.

September:  Fairway aerification.  Restoration starts on #11

Restoring #11 tee complex
October:  Aerification  to greens.  Restoration continues on holes 12-14

November:  New fairway bunker on #11

We look forward to an exciting year in 2015!! The Donald Ross golf course will be 100 years old!!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Winter work

Mid American began setting up for directional boring this week.  The set-up included laying down 16'x8' planks to prevent damage to our maintenance road and golf course.  The boring is taking place on the far corner of the golf course by 12 green and 15 tee.  The time frame is estimated at 3-4 weeks.  The ground is perfect for them to move it but I believe it will be a different story when they move out.

Tree work continues on 7 tee.  The tees were shifted to the right so we had to remove a couple of trees for line of play. 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Tree Work Continues

We are finally able to get the tree company out to do some work on the course.  We have had so much snow along with punishing cold weather that we have had to wait until now to get them on the course.  Today they are working and we still have temperatures below zero.  The goal for the tree removal is to remove the trees that are in the lines of play.  We are attacking the right side of 1, right side of 3, right side of 5, left of 6 tee and left of 8 tee. 
Tree was double hazard #3

Now we have a shot from the fairway bunkers.
Removed 3 trees at approach bunker #1

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Review of 2013

January:  Tree pruning/removal between 2&3 and left of 9.  Ninety percent of course void of snow.
February:  Tree pruning/removal right of 10 and between 10&18.  Course covered with 5" of snow.
March:  Wrapped up preventative maintenance to equipment and golf carts.  Snow gone on 30th.
Spring flooding 
April:  Spring clean up.  Course open April 9th.  Closed April 18th for flooding.  Re-opened 23rd.
Recorded 7.5" of rain for month.
May:  Restoration project with Ron Prichard started May 7th on #1.  Recorded 5.5" rain for month.
June:  Finished three hole restoration(1,4&10) on June 21st. Recorded 6.4" rain for month.
Jordan and Ron repair irrigation loop on #1

July:  Normal course maintenance.  2.9" of rain for month.
August:  Normal course maintenance.  .64" of rain for month.
September:  Continued with restoration project on 2, 3&5.  Recorded 1.4" of rain for month.
October:  Restoration continued on holes 6, 7&8.  Core aerification to greens.  Recorded 1.8" of rain. 
Tim applies sand following aerification to  #11 green.
November:  Restoration continued on #9. Course closed for winter Nov. 21st.  Recorded 2.5" rain and 3.5"of snow.
December:  Removed cart paths on 3&9.  Tree work 6,7&11.  Recorded 17" of snow for the month.


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!                    

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Restoration Update

#3 after restoration
The restoration is coming to a close as the weather continues to decline.  We have been very productive this fall and the project is coming in on budget.  The staff has done an excellent job balancing the project and day-to-day maintenance.  I thank them for all of the hard work.

#2 green before restoration
#2 green after restoration

#5 green before restoration
#5 green after restoration

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Restoration Update

We are coming to the end of the front 9 Restoration.  Today we are sodding around the fairway bunker on 7 and the fore bunker on 9.  We also are installing sod around a few of the tees on 9.  The expansion of the punch bowl green on 3 will also be finished today.  Next week we hope to complete the bulk of the project which will leave us with a couple of weeks of detail work. 
Fore bunker and new tee #9

#8 after restoration
#8 prior to restoration

Friday, September 20, 2013

Restoration Update

#2 green complex
We are just over one week into the restoration project and things are running very smooth.  Holes 2, 3 and 5 have been shaped and bunkered.  The shaper will be on 7 and 8 next week.  We have sod ordered for Monday and Thursday.  That will complete 2, 3, 5, 6 tee and 8 green complex.  If the weather continues to cooperate the shaper will be finished with the front 9 in two weeks and we will be two weeks behind him. 

New fairway bunkers #3

Back of #5 green